ProSolution Gel: How Important Is It & Do You Need One? [2019]

Prosolution Gel is one of the effective male enhancement solution that is especially formulated to immediately boost the levels of nitric oxide.

Mr. Kambell was a quite successful man in his business and was popular among hot girls in the social circle as well.

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However, things took a weird turn when he started avoiding social gatherings and began making lame excuses for not attending any parties.

The reason was his stress and fatigue that he was facing in his love relationships.

Due to his absence in many social parties, one of his close friends, Jerry, decided to pay him a visit.

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After normal discussion, Jerry asked Kambell the reason for his absence and loneliness.

Kambell opened up that the reason behind his depression is his two break-ups within 8 months.

It was really shocking for Jerry, as Kambell had always been a heartthrob for girls. Kambell shared that both of his break-ups were due to sexual issues. He was unable to satisfy his girlfriends in bed due to poor erections and low stamina.

After listening his sad story, Jerry told him to use a miraculous product that has changed his sexual life as well.

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Jerry advised him to order Prosolution Gel, which is an enticing product for the men who want to get something extra out of their sex life. Now, Kambell is a happy man and his girlfriend is madly in love with him.

If you are facing any such manhood issues, check out this detailed and unbiased review of Prosolution Gel below.

Prosolution Gel: An Overview

In the super-stressed and busy life of today, many men are facing the problems in bed and to satisfy their partners.

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If you are among them, there is good news for you, as there is some really good and fast solution for all your sexual issues.

If you are confused about picking up the right male enhancement solutions amid so many choices available in the market, this post is just right for you.

Lately, enhancement creams and topical lotions have become highly popular, because of their safe use.

Due to the fast efficacy of ProSolution Gel, penile muscles can relax, dilated and be easily filled with blood, within no time.

In addition, the best feature of Prosolution gel is its advanced trans-dermal delivery method through the skin, which means that its ingredients and components can start functioning instantly.

As a result of Prosolution Gel, men can enjoy a bigger and better penis with harder erections for a longer period of time.

ProSolution Gel is one of the simplest sexual solutions that is not a pill or contraption, but a lubricant gel that is simply applied when you need it.

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The application of ProSolution gel encourages more blood flow to the penis that eventually causes harder and bigger erections along with more intense orgasms and general stamina in the bed.

Moreover, ProSolution Gel prompts faster recovery times, which means you can perform like a king in bed as long as your heart desires. The best part of ProSolution Gel is it is absolutely free from numbness for you or her.

Also, the gel is completely free from stickiness and there will be no unpleasant sensations for the couple during sex. You can easily apply ProSolution Gel immediately before intercourse to impress your partner immensely. The product comes with a 67 day money-back guarantee, which means you are not subjected to any financial risk.

What’s Inside It?

ProSolution Gel is all made up of high quality ingredients that are all based on the natural extracts. This male enhancement gel is manufactured in a way that it offers great results for better sex with bigger manhood, without any harmful side effects on your overall health. Following are the ingredients present in the ProSolution Gel:

Algae Extract: It has been shown that Algae provides a better penetration of the gel into the skin to deliver better absorption with faster results. Algae extract further allows the gel to have an easier time being applied.

Bearberry Extract: It is a natural herb that is known to work as an astringent. Bearberry has been used to help in combating urinary tract infection from past so many years. The main goal is to increase the movement of fluid in and it helps in providing a much stronger orgasm.

Aloe Vera: The aloe vera plant is already popular for its various benefits. Aloe gel has been widely known as an effective anti-aging cream, and it has the ability to soothe all sorts of skin disorders. Aloe extracts also helps the ProSolution gel to penetrate the skin easier and acts as a carrier.

Mango Butter: Mango butter is known as an aphrodisiac. Especially in butter form, it adds lubrication factor to the gel. The mango butter allows the gel to have a smooth texture that is to be applied with great ease. Since centuries, Mango butter has been used as a male enhancer.

Menthol: It is a warming agent that will actually warn your genitals and boost the overall stamina in the bedroom. The sensation developed by menthol will allow you to go long enough to please and satisfy your partner.

L-Arginine: It is a potent amino acid that is mainly responsible for increasing the levels of nitric oxide in the body, which actually allows for greater blood flow towards the genital areas and dilates the blood vessels. This particular ingredient allows for better blood flow that helps in increasing erection, so you can enjoy your love making session with rock hard stamina.

Vitamin C: This vitamin is found abundant in citrus fruits. Vitamin C has been widely known to boost a man’s sex drive, reduce recovery time after sex, and it also adds firmness to your erections. Also, Vitamin C enhances the stamina and libido so that you will be all charged up for your night times.

All the above ingredients are combined in the ProSolution Gel to make it a potent topical blend. This product has definitely all the highest quality ingredients that makes it an effective male enhancement solution.

How Effective is ProSolution Gel?

ProSolution Gel is an amazing product that offers too many benefits to its users, especially by treating their male enhancement issues.

The main component behind the efficacy of ProSolution Gel is nitric oxide, which is responsible for the relaxation of the penis muscles, which ultimately allows more blood flow towards your penis.

As a result of this increase blood flow, the user will be able to enjoy those gigantic erections that you and your partner can only dream of.

ProSolution gel is an effective male enhancement topical treatment that has brought wonders in the life of many men. Also, many users have reported to feel the noticeable difference immediately after the first application of this gel.

Due to its effectiveness and safe ingredients, ProSolution gel is endorsed by some of the best doctors and has been praised by a lot of herbalists. Many customers have given feedback that ProSolution gel acts as an excellent lubricant.

Some of the users have admitted they were in shock at how much thicker their penis becomes after using it and they last much longer during intercourse as well. ProSolution gel is surely one of the best male enhancement solutions which is backed up by both customer reviews and medical support.

According to buyers, ProSolution gel works fast in giving them thicker, firmer erections with drastic increase in stamina and control along with quicker recovery times. Users have reported that this product contributed greatly in increasing their sexual enjoyment and performing more rounds of lovemaking with their partner.


Keeping in view the natural ingredients list of ProSolution Gel, it offers great benefits to its users. Following are some of the pros associated with the product:

It helps in producing harder and firmer erections

It enhances your stamina and performance in bed

It allows to you to last longer in bed.

It boosts your self-confidence and image

It boosts your sexual drive

It offers great instant results.

It helps in intensifying sexual orgasms for more pleasure

It has all natural and safe ingredients

It is absolutely safe to use with condoms

It gives you a rapid warming sensations and great sexual satisfaction

It comes in fresh mint scent, which is a pleasant smell

It helps in increasing sexual power and sexual arousal

It is a completely non-sticky and non-greasy formula

It helps in increasing penis size when used along with exercises

It helps controlling premature ejaculations and you will be able to enjoy longer sex

It promotes faster recovery times during sex

The product comes with a 67 day money back guarantee


Following are the few cons associated with the product:

  • Some users may not like the distinct smell of ProSolution Gel.
  • To some people, this gel is expensive than other topical creams.

Comparison with Competitors

ProSolution gel is far effective than the competitor products due to its diverse benefits and all-natural ingredients that promises to provide you with the outstanding results. Most of the male enhancement topical creams don’t use natural ingredients in their formula.

Also most of the formulas are not 100% edible, which is important to many who engage in oral sex. Unlike other topical formulas, ProSolution gel is absolutely safe to use with a condom and help support safe sex.

With ProSolution gel, you will be having a product that smells good and tastes good as well, as any bad odor can distract you and your partner during sex. The ingredient list of ProSolution gel favors a lot in comparison to all other competitor products.

Along with the backing up of safe and natural ingredients, ProSolution gel promises to give you superior performance, great sexual health benefits and an overall amazing sexual experience.

When it comes to applying something directly to penis, you must pay an extra attention to the ingredients of the product. This reason will also go in favor of ProSolution Gel, as it will give you promising results in the safest manner. Also, using topical enhancement gels like ProSolution Gel is far more effective than using male enhancement pills, pumps, or externders.

Potential Side Effects

ProSolution gel is an effective male enhancement product that contains all natural ingredients, which makes it completely safe and even pleasant for usage.

Due to this natural formulation, ProSolution gel doesn’t cause any side effects. Also, due to herbal ingredients the gel is completely non-toxic and doesn’t create any numbing effect to your partner.

Unlike other creams, ProSolution Gel is free from bad odor and stickiness and works gently on the skin while delivery you effective and immediate results.

Who Makes This Stuff?

ProSolution gel is manufactured by Leading Edge Health, which is a well-known name in the field of natural supplements. Leading Edge Health has a collection of health supplements that come with high satisfaction rates. Below are the contact details of the manufacturer company:

Leading Edge Health
c/o 100 Fidelitone Way
Elizabethton TN 37643
United States of America

For Customer Service and for ordering you can call 7 days a week on the numbers below:

North America: 1-866-269-3487

International: 1-604-677-5365

How much does ProSolution Gel Costs?

You can easily purchase ProSolution gel from the official website. There are many attractive discounted packages offered there. Check out below:

  • 1 month package for S49.95
  • 2 months package for $89.95
  • 3 months package for $129.95 along with 2 Free Gifts
  • 4 months package for $169.95 along with 3 Free Gifts
  • 6 months package for $234.95 along with 3 Free Gifts
  • 12 months package for $399.95 along with 5 Free Gifts

Final Thoughts

ProSolution Gel is an excellent choice for you to solve your sexual issues in the safest way. With its application, you will get rock-solid erections, impressive sexual arousal, thicker penis and longer sex sessions.